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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  March 7, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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house and from some neighborrings here at the time, including the young man living in the home apparently with his mother. he has an older brother away playing basketball, a father no longer lives in the house and the mother was not here and this other young adult was here. we don't know if he's high school age or older and he was in the house we with people he knew. one was killed and another is the shooter run on foot by this house and is the subject of a fairly wide spread mano hunt in this area and is described as a hispanic male, 5'6", 190-pounds with short hair, a dark blue north face jacket, light- colored jeans, black timberland boots and had a black backpack at the time. we don't know if he has the gun with him, but that is who police are looking for. the area has not been evacuated and there is, apparently, this
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gunman is here in this aspen hill area on the loose and another young man dead in the house. we don't know what it was about. not a stranger situation and we'll stay on top of this working with the montgomery county police, laura. >> i see the police stainup behind you. any -- police tapeup behind you. any streets or closures we should know of? >> they're blocked off and people are able to walk freely through here, and we're not from a hiking trail. the u.s. park police helicopter, the local park police are keeping the hiking trail that is not far from here. we don't know if anyone saw the guy going that way, but they have this whole area, you know, being watched and they searching now. >> the search continues and bob break into us if you have anything more out there. thank you. >> reporter: you bet.
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a prince georges county councilwoman could lose her license after a wreckless driving charge. this is video of karen toll's earlier this week. she was pulled over for driving more than 100 miles per hour on the beltway. the officer ticketed her for an unsafe lane change. wisdom martin is live with some more. what happened today? >> reporter: an hour ago, the councilwoman came out and read a brief statement in response to that citation yesterday and this is what she had to say. >> i take the charges pending against me seriously, and my attorneys currently have this matter under review. i now respectfully ask in the interest of all concerned, that you reserve judgement and allow the legal process to run its course. i sincerely regret the events that transpired, which have proven to be a distraction to the county couple and offer my
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utmost and sincere apology to my constituents and colleagues and all county residents. >> reporter: she read the statement and walked away without answering questions, back into the building and into her lawyer's office. it was february 22nd when she was stopped on the beltway while allegedly going more than 100 miles per hour and that officer gave her a citation for unsafe lane change and not is speeding. yesterday, the review panel said that she should have gotten two citing as. new, this is what all of this amounts to and she has two points on her driving record. a lane change is a $90 fine and one or two points. wreckless driving is $510 and six points and in maryland, to get your license suspend, you need eight points and that is where things stand now. back to you. >> and when do we find out for sure if she will lose her license? >> reporter: show has to go through the process deciding whether she's going to fight
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this or not and has to go to court and through that entire process to see how this shakes out and if she will get the points. we're not close to that yet. >> all right, wisdom martin. thank you. to a developing story in fairfax. five george mason university students robbed at gun point in their home and that happened in the 4800 block of carriage park road. the thieves snatched computers and other electronics. john henrehan has more. this is not the first time the house saw violence. >> reporter: no, the guns were there for the four gmu students living there and, for a friend visiting, it was a horrible three minute when is two masked gunmen came into the home and threatened to shot them. the robbery may be connected, laura, to a violent incident involving students from some other colleges that happened at that address in november. carriage park road is a walking
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community walking distance of the mason university. four students live in this townhouse. on tuesday night, they left the back door to their home unlocked. two masked intruders with handguns came in and ordered the residents to lie down on the floor. >> we thought it was a joke at first and they came in pointing guns at us and -- why don't you tell us who you are and after 10 seconds and looking at them in the face, who are you and what is going on, we realized maybe we should get on the ground when they started yelling. >> reporter: this sophomore locked himself in a bathroom and called 911 from the mobile phone. the two gunmen quickly collected laptop computers, smartphones and. >> i joy pads from the students. after three minutes in the house, they sprinted out the front door and leaving the footprints as they ran to nearby braddock road. neighbors say and residents confirm it was a fairly ugly incident at the same house in november involving students from other universities. during a college break, a group
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of intoxicated male students came to the door smashing bee bottles and ripping out the iron railing. they failed to get inside and a fight broke out. during a fight, a bottle was thrown smashing into someone's head and he required stitches at a local hospital. the victims wonder if the incidents are connected. >> and when someone's leaving your house screaming, threatening and cursing, the cops are on the way because the neighbors hear all of the commotion, you know, you don't figure something like this is a retaliation, but it's an extreme measure if it was. >> reporter: these robbers were not career criminals. at a nearby curb after sunrise this morning, a reporter covering the story found the packaging for a brand-new ski mask and it was turned over to police who collected it as evidence laura. >> john henrehan. thank you. five men are in trim trial for a mass shooting on capitol street two years ago that left
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three him people dead and six others hurt. another man who admitted taking part in the shooting took the stand as the prosecute -- prosecution's star witness. paul wagner has more. >> reporter: nathanial sems was holding an ak-47 and admittedly opened fire that night and shooting into a crowd of young people morning the death of a friend. simms is cooperating with the government and wiped tears from his eyes as he told the court he plead guilty because he knows what he did is wrong nathanial sims became emotional more than once as he spent two hours on the stand answering detailed questions about his life and the time leading up to two attacks in march of 2010. he was tearful at times as he described his life as a drug deal or sixth street southeast and his relationship with sam quan carter, orlando carter, jeffrey best, robbie bost and lamar williams. the five men on trial and sims who plead guilty to five counts
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of second-degree murder, identified all five of the defendants and pointed them out in a series of photographs. in questioning from prosecutor michael britton, sims told a story of what started it all. a bracelet. this one, in fact, that carter said was stolen from here him the night of march 22nd, 2010. sims said that carter called his brother orlando who recorded sims and another man to help sam quan get the bracelet back. they armed themselves and drove. as sims began describing what happened next, a voly of automatic weapons fired, several family members left the courtroom in tears. >> and it was hard for me to listen to how my son got killed with an ak-47. and the rest of the guns they're killing with andy just left out of the dream. >> reporter: diane is the mother of jordan howe who was
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killed that night and has no sympathy for nathanial sims. >> evil. evil. even though he turned state evidence, he's still evil. >> and i believe he was speaking from his heart and i saw remorse and recognize that. however, they did what they did and you can't take it back. it was painful. >> reporter: jordan howe is the first person to be killed. eight days later, the men went out again looking for revenge sims will be back on the stand again tomorrow and jurors heard what they had to say about the murder of howe and the stolen braceless. the testimony will resume tomorrow morning with the prosecution asking sims about his role in the south capitol street drive by. laura, shawn? >> thank you, paul. >> another big story we're following tonight, the biggest offseason football news is official. peyton manning is no longer a
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member of the indianapolis colts. after 14 seasons, the colts and their future hall of fame quarterback have parted ways. dave feldman has more from the verizon center and today's big news. feldy? >> reporter: we're here. kobe bryant and the lakers are in town and we'll get to more on that later o. the colts owner said that he and peyton manning are parting ways and appeared at the joint conference. peyton manning is the most coveted free agent in nfl history. it's a pretty exciting deal and this is what peyton manning accomplished as a player, and it's been a lot. he's one of four players with more than 50,000 yards passing. one of two quarterbacks with more than 200 starts in a row. he missed all of last season after having the third next surgery in no one months. without him, the colts and nflers were 2 and 14, coming with the number one pick and he's his final words as an
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indianapolis colt. >> i sure have loved playing football for the indianapolis colts. for 14 wonderful years, the only professional football i have known has been colts football. our team won a lot of gails here. i played with so many great teammates here, and i have been a part of the great organization here. an organization and an owner who i respect and continue to respect. i have been a colt for almost all of my adult life but, i guess in life and in sports, we all know that nothing lasts forever. >> and this is a difficult day here of sheered pain and between peyton, myself, the fans, everyone. i think, you know, and in that vein as well, the 18 jersey will never be born again by a
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colt on the field. >> the washington redskins are interested in acquiring peyton manning. you know how dan snider loves the big agents, big names, free agents and chording to a time source error -- team source, the first choice is to get the sec pick and get robert griffin 3. if not, they would actively pursue peyton manning and don't know they can do the trade with the rams and i hear they trying to work on that now. if not, they would be interested in getting hang for the colts. coming up, why kobe bryant is in town and why that might be bad news for your wizards. live from verizon center and back to you. >> and you want to put that question you raised to the viewers should. the redskins go after peyton manning and free agency or robert griffin iii in the draft. text 1 for peyton, two for rg3 and standard text messaging rates apply. >> i indianapolis and
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watched the press conference and that was tough to see him. he was emotional and brought so much to the city. >> yeah. >> and to see it end like this was heartbreaking. >> would you want to see him come to the redskins? >> i would have preferred to see him stay in indianapolis. >> and he's done so much for the team. >> i songy -- think so. supertuesday might be over but the race for the gop presidential nomination won't be over any time soon. coming up, why analysts say mitt romney should be worried. and why questions are being raised about the d.c. fire chief's record. gary. how does it get better than today? the temperatures into the upper 60s. and are we going to get warmer for tomorrow? first look at the forecast coming up. stay with us. fox 5 news at five rolls on. 
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. >> mitt romney said he's prepared to fight all of the way to the republican national convention and won six of the states up for grabs last night and hasn't closed the deal. rick santorum continues to score wins and delegates and tom, romney hasn't delivered the punch. >> reporter: the loss in tennessee last night and the victory in ohio by 1% and that made it clear that he has a lot of work to do in winning over the republican voters and romney is far ahead in the race for convention delegates and despite losing four states, his campaign insists that it's the
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only one with enough money, enough organization to go up against president obama in the fall. the "associated press" tally seems to back that up and showing mitt romney with 415 delegates and santorum's 176. and he pledged on to fight o. romney said he eventually will bring all republicans together. >> there will be good days and bad days. always long hours, never enough time to get everything done o. november 6th, we're going to stand united. >> we won in the west, the midwest, and the south and we're ready to win across the country. >> reporter: the challenge looking forward for romney, one of the extended primary campaigning -- campaigns and he's unable to turn the full attention to president obama and is facing competition for delegates and for money.
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romney's campaign raised $11.5 million last month and there is $9 million in the same time period and this moves forward, shawn, and far from an ending. >> we are. thank you. and president obama is in a key battleground state today talking about new jobs and new energy. he spoke at the daimler truck manufacturing plant in mount holly, north carolina. the president is promoting the development of more fuel efficient vehicles to reduce u.s. dependence on foreign oil. >> and have to develop every source. not just oil and gas and wind power and solar power, nuclear power, biofuels. we need to invest in the technology that will help us use less oil in our cars and trucks. >> north carolina is a pivotal state for the election and -- and september. >> rush limbaugh said everything is cool and he's not losing revenue, despite reports
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that nearly 40 advertisers pulled the ads from his program. and a prostitute with other slurs after she testified in favor of president obama's birth control policy and he claims two new sponsors signed on. and the fire chief finds himself in the middle of a controversy and this time involving allegations he was not fully vetted to take over the job and in sarah society a florida and he had a sexual harassment complaint in his file. fox 5s karen gray houston has a closer look at this one, karen. >> reporter: and "the washington times" obtained a complaint through the freedom of information act request and that report said the complaint said a female fire fighter in sarasota was upset about the
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way kenneth elderby looked at -- kenneth ellerby looked at her, up and down and in her chest. the story said there were other women who had made similar accusations. he is no stranger to controversy. and 100 of the firefighters turned their backs on him and walked out of his state-of-the- fire department speech to show their contempt to eliminate a popular schedule and after that complaint, the judiciary committee takes a first look and makes recommenting as about confirmations and mendelson did not know about a complaint and his understanding, there was an accusation and never an official formal complaint. vincent gray said he had not read the story but accolades for the man he selected as chief. >> and die know this.
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i know the chief has done a exceptional job and i'm pleased with his performance. i finally support his leadership in the fire department. >> and i talked to the spokesman a few minutes ago and he was not aware of a sexual harassment complaint and that asking for a personnel file is not part of the hiring process. >> thank you very much. you know what, the only way i can describe is say that it was a day to play hookie and not comfortable work. it was phenomenal outside today. >> absolutely perfect. >> you know? >> yeah, gary? >> and can we keep this going? >> and today was as good as it gets. >> okay. >> and not that tomorrow is better. >> all right. >> and that is not going to be brilliantly sin. tomorrow and going to trade it off for some clouds. >> and on monday we came to
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work and were talking about the snow and close to us is responses -- spotsylvania county, we're talking about the numbers close to 70 and go to some maps. the satellite and radar and some clouds overnight and today. the temperatures are into the 60s, 67 is the high temperature at national and 7:00, perfect and 62. breezy. 59 and 9:00 and at 11:00, we're talking about 57 degrees and how nice is that? that is still warmer than it should be. more details coming up. shawn? >> looking forward to it. thank you. still ahead on fox 5 news at 5, what college students are being warned to steer clear of mexico. and a detective taking the stand at the virginia tech trial. why she thought the campus was not at risk on that tragic day. 
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>> more testimony in the virginia tech wrongful death lawsuit filed by the parents of two students killed during the campus massacre nearly five years ago. the virginia tech police corporal testified that show did not think other students were at risk when she got to the scene of the first two killings. she said her actions were based on her belief that the incident was over and, of course, we know in the next 90 minutes, 29 more victims were shot. the virginia tech officials are accused of not notifying students quickly enough about the danger. >> a warning for college students going to mexico for spring break. the texas officials are alerting students of the possibility of violence. americans have been reporting rapes and other crimes and in resort areas like cancun and cabo san lucas. the wait is over, apple reveals a new ipad. breaking down the benefits. and why the fda is sending out a warning about certain skin care products tonight. and three members of the
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same family die after coming down with an illness. tonight, a relative speaks out about the tragic loss of life. 
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. >> three people in one family all dead in two weeks. tonight, we're learning more about what killed them. we know two members of a family in calvert county had the flu and a staph infection. more tonight from fox 5s beth parker. >> reporter: crews entering a housedressed in hazmat suits. to ashley long, this is grandma's house. >> my grandmother was's very special lady to me and helped my mom raise me and take care of me. >> reporter: her 81-year-old grandmother died at her home march 1st, suffer from a severe respiratory illness.
5:31 pm
>> she was getting sick and the family was coming around taking care of her more. around that time, we didn't think it was that serious. as a family, we all pitched in. >> repor of those who helped her are gone. ashley's 58-year-old uncle and her 56-year-old aunt got sick and died, too. the maryland department of health and mental hygiene confirms the siblings this had enflewenza h-3, a strain of influenza a. and in a few weeks, ashley lost her grandmother, an aunt and uncle. >> and we're just pulling together. >> reporter: ashley's mom lied at the house and was the primary care go offer when the grandmother got sick and is recovering in the hospital. >> my mom is coming along slowly and surely. they took out the breathing tube and she is breathing on her own. >> reporter: the health department wants people here to know that if someone else was going to get sick, that would
5:32 pm
have already happen. >> and given the three children taking care of their mom got sick within three, four days after they came in contact with her, and you would think that if other people are going to get sick from having contact with these people, it would have been a parent by now. >> reporter: the health department and state of maryland are continuing to investigate. >> i don't know how this happened or where it came from. it took a toll on this family. >> reporter: she's seeing a doctor and making sure her four- year-old daughter is checked out, too, to be safe. >> boy. >> beth parker, fox 5 news. >> and. the fda is warning against skin creams that might contain mercury. they promise to lighten your skin or provide aspect ageing benefits and could end up poisoning you with mercury. the products are sold illegally in the u.s. and in shops of latino, asian, african-
5:33 pm
american, or middle eastern neighborhoods. if you see mercurious chloride, calamal, or other forms of mercury, stop using the product and call your doctor. the makers of caffeine inhaler, warning about misleading statements and questioning the safety of the product. beetleable foods sells the arrow shot and claiming it provides breathable energy. there is not sufficient evidence to support some of the claims. another concern is that the marketing appears to be targeting teens and promoting the use of aeroshots with alcohol. after weeks of rumor, apple unveiled the latest ipad. it's faster, sharper and has more bell and whistles and goes on sale march 16th. it will cost the same thing as the ipad 2 and we're joined by mark keller. thank you for coming in. fun to you have here when we
5:34 pm
talk about these things. you don't have a new ipad? >> no, i don't. >> let's talk about the difference between the ipad 2 and the new one. i was kind of look at it and trying to figure out the differences we're going see? >> and they minor in terms of size, it will be .6 of an inch bigger. >> oh, thicker. >> yes, this way and not bigger -- . >> that way. >> dimensionally. >> because it needs to hold the battery? >> and i guess. >> an hd screen? >> exactly. >> and belter than the the at home and that is the retina hd display. >> uh-huh. >> like what i have on my. >> i joy phone. >> uh-huh. >> and that will be a tremendously high resolutions display, for watching television and movies on long flights. that is a good thing. >> and a faster processor, four times faster? >> that's right.
5:35 pm
>> and improved camera, which is nice. >> five megapixels and can you look awkward taking your shots or filming the kids and you will have wonderful home movies afterwards. >> a lot of people are asking does this leup to the hype. and if they're that much of a difference. is this the same thing? >> and that depends. >> okay. >> and if you got one for christmas or something, it doesn't do it for you and may not do it for you. >> and if you have the ipad 1 or competing tablet and want to upgrade, one thing i found that is interesting. >> uh. >> apple said they sold more. >> i joy pads last year than any other company sold desktop or notebook computers. >> wow. >> and what that says is the regular computer will be going away in a lot of situations. >> interesting. >> and this new ipad is going to, i think, replace a lot of
5:36 pm
notebook computers for a lot of people and that will change the way we work. >> do you think at the least are there any downsides? >> from my personal budget, i'm going to spend money -- there are not really great problems. there are things i would like to see included in it. >> maybe the next one. >> maybe the next one. >> and they're on a good track and another bit of buying advice, if i can toss it in. >> huh. >> if you want to use the. >> i joy pad as a gps and would have the largest screen on the planet. >> right. right. >> and get it with the data modem, the 4g radio in there and you don't need a data subscription and with that radio, you will get the gps signal and have one of the best on earth. >> thank you, we always have fun when you come in. when you get the new ipad 3,
5:37 pm
bring it over. >> all right. you got it. and coming up, a big celebrity comes to capitol hill to push for legislation to keep kids safe online. and the caps make a teenager's dream come true. we have the details when we return. don't miss it. n't miss it. 
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. >> a big celebritiy is pushing legislation to protect children and types' privacy online. nick cannon appeared on the hill today to talk about do not track kids act. it would prohibit internet companies from collecting personal and location information from children and teens and would ban targeted advertising to minors. as many as 7 1/2 million kids under the ageing of 12 are on facebook. >> unfortunately, most at that age don't have the judgement or maturity to protect themselves
5:41 pm
from those capable of taking advantage of them by tracking their whereabouts on the internet. >> after his appearance on the hill today, he hosted an event at we the pizza where he spoke to inner city kids and their parents about internet safety. and the washington capitols are making a teenager's dream come true today. the 16-year-old got to skate with the caps players, including the hockey idol ovechkin. and it's thanks to the make a wish foundation. excuse me, jacobson has cancer. his wish was to meet alex and escape with him. which she got to go do. >> and. it's official. snook six going to be a mom. sarah frazier has more on that and today's hot topics. we're live at verizon center, laura. kobe bryant and the lakers are in town and the wizards are struggling. what they plan to do to stop kobe bryant in just a second. shawn. and thank you, feldy. if you like today's weather, you're going to love tomorrow. gary's back with the forecast. we'll be right back. right b
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chili's $20 dinner for two has a bold new favorite -- steak. first, share an appetizer, then choose two entrees, like our 100% usda choice sirloin,
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available for a limited time on chili's $20 dinner for two. . >> it's been a rough season for the wizard. they have a chance to knock off the one of the best. kobe bryant and the l.a. lakers are in town and feldy, have you been looking at them in the pregame warm-ups? any weakenses that the wizards can exploit? >> may be if you and laura and gary mcgrady play for the lakers, that might be the only real weakness and chance they have. the wizards are 8 and 29 and on monday, they gave up 120 points to the golden state warriors, the most all season and now they take on a laker team boasting kobe bryant and that is not a good scenario. kobe bryant's sporting a protective mask after suffering a broken nose, and a concussion during the all-star game. he's averaged 34 points on a
5:46 pm
three-game winning streak, following the break and he won eight for 26 on the floor and finished with 22 points to detroit. the wizards have to stop kobe and the lakers. >> they know who we're facing and this is an opponent tonight and coming off of a truck loss in detroit. >> to have another mind set and that is not going be happy and we have to be ready to go. >> motivated to play basketball and the season for us, and any way we can get it, we're going to get it. >> reporter: the former national champ from the university of maryland who plays for the lakers. at 6:00, much more on peyton manning's chances of playing for the burgandy and gold. and back to you. can you call it a tailgate party, even though the main
5:47 pm
event is months away and this is the launch party for the 37th annual marine corps marathon. the registration opened at 3:00 p.m. on the website. like any good race, they're focusing on timing. >> last year, ridge restriction for all 30,000 spots sold out in 28 hours and that is a record for us. >> the way the race is october 28th. again, fast. >> wow and that is fast. >> we want to congratulate one of our own colleagues today and tony perkins received the media 1 radio appreciation award. radio 1 awarded him for more than 20 years of news in the area. congratulations to tony. >> congratulations. >> well-deserved. >> i will so him tomorrow and i will give him the handshake. >> there you go.
5:48 pm
>> and i might give him a hug. and that is fabulous outside. hi, gary. >> and that does put you in a good mood. >> yeah. >> and you know what people tend to say and never know what people are going to say when they meet you. >> and what do they say? >> they say nice things. >> they're all very, very nice. >> gorgeous out there. >> and look at that. and that is breezy, all things considered and that is a gorgeous day and turned into a gorgeous evening. going to be warm again tomorrow and if that works out with the forecast. and that is going to be warmer tomorrow and that is looking like, however, even though we're calling for warmer temperatures, i think we're going to have less sunshine and some more clouds. we're going to have some sun and the winds and that is going
5:49 pm
to get them back there tomorrow. martinsburg, everyone is; winchester, 63 and everybody in the 60s and talking about breeze, it's 33 miles an hour wind gusts here in the city and that is not so bad farther to the west and south, fredericksburg gusting to 23 miles an hour and i do believe most of the evening hours will stay breezy and fairly breezy all night long. so breezy at 7:00, 62 and look at how nice and comfortable the temperatures are in through the evening hours. a few clouds at 11 and temperatures in town gown to 57 degrees and that is still warmer than our average high temperature and this time of the year. a few clouds coming across and that is about it. we certainly don't have to buc talk about any rainfall as i expand the view out in just a bit and i want to you see that there is some more cloud cover to the west and that is moving
5:50 pm
in our direction, these clouds will be overnight tonight and start tomorrow morning with clouds and there is some rain out here. well out to the west of us and that is trying to get organized. there will be some severe weather in texas tomorrow and the possibility they may have tornados and that same system will come through here late tomorrow night and into friday and look at how mild it is, too. 73 in little rock. the warmth goes all the way up into the midwest and 66 for chicago right now. very sharp contrast in temperatures, though, and international falls, 28 and fargo, 25. that air mass there will briefly visit us late friday and through the day on saturday and we'll start warming up again on sunday. a few clouds tonight. otherwise we'll be mild and breezy here in town and down to about 51 degrees. upper 40s in the suburbs. some clouds tomorrow morning
5:51 pm
and po. sun and -- 54. sun and clouds, noon, 55 and looks like it's going to be mostly cloudy at 5:00 and that is the big change for tomorrow's weather and just more clouds than what we had today. and we will be warmer, though. we will look for officially a high temperature tomorrow of 70 degrees, a late night shower tomorrow night, the early show or friday and cool or friday, to and that is a high of 60 and cooler for the weekend and spring forward with the time on saturday night and into sunday morning. that is the forecast. and we go downstairs where we find laura. >> and talking hot topics. snooki making it official. jessica simpson going nude and maternity concierges are the latest craze and -- sarah frazier joins us now. >> and snooki making it official. >> when tells you,
5:52 pm
it's legit and national inquirer, okay. i don't know if you're a jersey shores fan. >> exactly. and giani, her boyfriend of a year and a half. >> okay. >> and she claims it's his child and they're engaged. >> they are? >> yes. >> and it's -- both rumors are true. >> and do we know how far long show is? >> four months along. she's superstitious, which we hear from a lot of moms and that is why she waited to confirm and looks like it's a go. >> okay. >> and spoke of pregnancy, we're talking about the pregnancy throughout the hot topics today. >> oh, my gosh. >> and jessica simpson showing off the baby bump. >> would you ever do this? you're a mom. would you have posed and put it on >> no. >> and as i know many moms do -- . >> would you ever -- . >> their own personal viewing. >> i know. a lot of people, she's getting a lot of heat for this. demi moore did this 15, 20 years ago with the cover of
5:53 pm
vanity fair and they're saying it's the same shot. what is the difference? and also, she's telling news outlets she's having a little girl, it's going to be a 10- pound baby. >> wow. >> she looks good. >> and she does. >> you think it's real or a lot of airbrush? >> i hope they didn't airbrush it. >> just pregnancy is a beautiful thing. >> and she's naturally that tan? >> maybe they added color. as long as they don't smooth up any lines, you know what i mean? >> i'm going go with there is some work. but, anyway. >> you're probably right. what about the maternity concierges? >> this is a mommy theme tonight. >> okay. >> the biggest thing in hollywood now, people like snooki. she hired a maternity concierge. >> okay. >> and you go and shop for me or, you know, you here someone to shop for you and you can't be caught going in and out of a
5:54 pm
baby store. parents more secretive. >> everything from maternity clothes? >> they're doing your nursery and everything. the car society, the whole works and so you never have to step foot. i think that would take the fun out of it. >> yeah. >> and maternity consee. a lot of them doing that. >> and there is so much online those days, to, right? >> and the anonymity there. >> nice to hear someone, i guess. >> i know. -- to hire someone, i guess. and here's brian with a look at what is coming up on the news edge at 6. and we have to get to the reality, right? a child left behind at chuck e. cheese. her parents don't know she's missing. how does this happen, people. the shocking way the parents figured this out. and a respected musician killed in a car crash. what a background check revealed about the other driver. >> and you remember the dad who shot his daughter's laptop? he's breaking his silence about his actions. stay with us for thage in six.  
5:55 pm
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. >> i think it's been long known that prince harry is enjoying himself in the caribbean. he showed off his sprinting skills against the world's fastest man. he lined up to race the man in jamaica. the prince knew he needed trickery and saw him laugh at him like what is the deal? look, he's so happy because he jogged across the finish line. when harry got to join bolt and show off bolt's famous sprinter's pose. very good. >> and showed off his moves on the dance floor while enjoying a performance of dancers from a needy area. one of the young women pulled him up to join in. the prince danced for 30 seconds to chores and applause from onlookers. his visit to the caribbean is part of his tour marking queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee, her 60th year as queen. that is nice.
5:59 pm
>> i'll tell you what. thanks for joining us at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts now. we're following a developing story in montgomery county, maryland tonight. the police are on a manhunt for a shooting suspect after a victim was found dead in a home in aspen hill. bob barnard is live new with the latest. what do you know, bob? >> reporter: montgomery county police believe the victim and the shooter knew each other. they were inside the house you see behind me here. the white house without shouters and this happened around 3:20 this afternoon and there were other people in the house as well. we can show you some videotape from earlier. the police right now are looking for a man who was seen leaving the house on foot. they had a large search going for the last couple of hours. it seems to have been scaled back a little bit, at least


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